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Electric is a global, premium sport and lifestyle accessory brand rooted in Southern California’s rich action sports, music, art and customization culture. Electric designs and markets an extensive line of watches, sunglasses, snow goggles, snow helmets, bags, apparel and accessories throughout the globe. 


The Edge carries a wide range of both Electric goggles and sunglasses.



EG3 $220 *multiple colorways

EG3 $220
*multiple colorways

EG2 $160 *multiple colorways

EG2 $160
*multiple colorways

EGX $170 *multiple colorways

EGX $170
*multiple colorways

EGV $100 *multiple colorways

EGV $100
*multiple colorways

EGV.K $40 *multiple colorways

EGV.K $40
*multiple colorways